About Us


“We’re not the best because we’re the biggest. We’re the biggest because we’re the best!” – Chris Geo (Founder)

Truth Frequency Radio is dedicated to bringing you cutting edge news and information without the hate, hype, or fear. We are not a network of faceless individuals hiding behind a mask but rather we are REAL PEOPLE bringing you REAL RADIO, and we’re not afraid of who we are or what we do.

Our team is comprised of like-minded individuals sharing the common goal of expanding the consciousness of man-kind. While we may have opposing views on a variety of subjects, we aim to demonstrate both diversity and unity while moving towards our common goals.

TFR was founded by Chris and Sheree Geo on November 5, 2009 out of a need to revive a dying alternative media drowned out by money making schemes, back-biting, infighting, fear/hate based reporting, and ego driven personalities. As such, we created a 100% ad-free and listener supported station with zero corporate or outside influence. While our hosts are uncensored, unregulated, and free to discuss any and all topics, we aim to deliver professional broadcasts safe to listen to at school, work, with friends, family, or children.

Wherever you are make it TFR!