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AIRED: 02-03-2019

Elana joins the Fringe to discuss her books and research. Are we guinea pigs for the elite to experiment on? Has the air we breathe been weaponized?

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website: www.elanafreeland.com

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Let’s rush Area 51 !! Who’s coming with me??? Nobody?? Well…Ok. Lets get off of Facebook!!! Who’s with me ?? Nobody?? Ugh, ok ….Lets hold all politicians accountable!! Regardless of party lines!!! You with me??? No?!?!?! Oh Forget it....

AIRED: 07-14-2019

John Brisson and Bin Hamin join the fringe this week to discuss recent developments with Epstein and potential implications to the Clintons, Trump and many other huge names in our political scene. It was a lively convo. try not to get triggered. we also talk a bit on the CNP. ...

AIRED: 07-07-2019

Nikki Colombo Joins us this week to discuss her contacts with E.T’s and the fake alien invasion. She give a break down of the 11:11 phenomina and past live regressions. We close with a quick discussion on the A.I and our divine selves. Love you guys. Blessings to you. ...

AIRED: 06-30-2019

We are under attack. We are under attack. Speech ,Religion, Vaccinations freedoms are being taken from us regularly. We are born free but immediately made into a slave in the global plantation we call earth. Lets be free! Together ! Do your own research. Don’t just believe whats said....

AIRED: 06-23-2019

John Barbour joins the Fringe with special guest host Don Jeffries of Iprotest. We discuss reality TV and what its become along with Trump , JFK and survival of the richest. ...

AIRED: 06-09-2019

Matt Landman joins us to discuss the coming 5g rollout and potential health hazards . ...

AIRED: 06-02-2019