AIRED: 01-22-2022

Tonight my guest Jessica Schab reveals her experiences in Bali with a current Spiritual leader. This is sensitive material that will lead you to an explosive rabbit it hole of lies deceit and corruption. This is HUGE! and brave Jessica has come on to put the puzzle together for us.Jessica Schab has been a spiritual teacher for over 8 years and has counselled thousands of people all over the world guiding them to greater insight and sense of purpose. She is best known for her Project Camelot interview ‘A Crystal Child Speaks Out.’ She has traveled all over the world spoken on radio, TV and conferences.
She has been in several documentaries ‘Quantum Communication’ and ‘Hope for Humanity.’
​She has lived in Bali and Portugal where she hosted several workshops and created a spiritual coaching programs. Her fresh perspective is sure to motivate uplift and inspire; as her understanding in mysticism, metaphysics and dream work offers one a unique and fun spiritual sessions in healings on one’s relationship to self and life which leads to discovery of our soul mission and a life uncommon.

website: www.jessicaschab.com

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Tonight I talk to Bobbie Richardson Author/Illustrator, Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Motivational Speaker, Channeler, Psychic, Empath, Visionary and Proud Mum.​ ​ A Mum who found wisdom through spiritual guidance. ​ “I have very little education, all of my wisdom was given to me by spirit through dreams, visions (seeing with my eyes into other frequencies) and real...

AIRED: 03-12-2022

<p Special guest Cliff Dess is an ET experienceer , abuducee and an engineer with healing modalities. His bloodline goes back to UK Royalty and he shares his unique experiences with us tonight concerning how to protect yourself from these interferences. He explains how as an Et abuducee on how they actually get us out...

AIRED: 03-05-2022

Today i reveal who the main players on the world stage that are Clones. Also i reveal whats stored under Kyiv bases , bio-labs and why many forces want to get control of those resources . The war over consciousness is bubbling to the surface, with more pieces being exposed to the light of day...

AIRED: 02-26-2022

Tonight I talk to fellow Aussie Anthony O Flynn, We start by talking about the over 1 million on people that have descended on our Capitol Canberra of Australia paralleled by the convoy in Canada that is not being broadcast on Main Stream Media. During yesterdays speeches we are hearing words like PEDOs and Reptilans,...

AIRED: 02-12-2022

Wow I could have gone on for another few hrs talking to Ra , I was getting downloaded as we were speaking . So much of what Ra knows coordinated with my knowledge . we talked in depth about the origins of Lillith , this was an amazing show full of so many pieces being...

AIRED: 01-29-2022

<p Tonight I talk to Remote Viewer and Healer Becky Barron . We reveal what information is revealed in the QnA sessions. Rebecca is an investigator and educator in on how consciousness creates reality and educates how we can take our power back so individuals can fully step into their own power and create from...

AIRED: 12-11-2021