Truth Frequency Radio
Jul 20, 2014

asecondhelping.jpgHOLDEN BEACH (WWAY) – Every beach vacation leaves leftover food behind. For Holden Beach, a program has been set in place to use your leftovers known as A Second Helping.

Founded by Bill Spier, the objective is to collect canned goods and all other food items, perishable and non-perishable, and then give those leftovers to the needy of Brunswick County through one of the local churches.

“We have some people that are really hurting for food, and we make that available to them,” volunteer Don Downs said. “When they know it’s been open, say a box of cereal, and they will take that box of cereal, it’s amazing what people are needing, and that it all stays in the community.”

A Second Helping has donated more 115,000 pounds of food since the program started in July 2005.

Downs says every little bit counts.

“Even if it’s just one can, we’ll definitely take it,” Downs said. “That one can may make a difference.”

Ian Myers, 20, says he started volunteering with A Second Helping because he wants to lend a helping hand.

“I could be laying out on the beach tanning, but I’m here helping and volunteering,” Myers said. “It makes me feel good.”

A Second Helping also accepts cash donations with 100 percent of the proceeds used to purchase food. In fact every dollar will buy 5-8 pounds of food.

The program has expanded to two other beach towns along eastern North Carolina and hopes to continue to grow.