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Dec 07, 2012

Super Woo Radio

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Date: December 6, 2012

By: Super Woo Radio

Description: We are proud to bring to you the first SWR special episode in which Cynthia Kavassilas, Leone Kennedy, Emma Stow, Sheree Geo and Kelly La Sha discuss healing the division and attitudes which are keeping the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine from truly connecting. They bring forth long forgotten wisdom of the ages, to remind us of the archetypes we embody and those connections that have become lost over time. With words of wisdom and deep insights, this episode is relevant to both women and men. The authenticity and the integrity with which they speak is testament to the Grace of the Divine Feminine, a powerful force despite the oppression of a Patriarchal society. Their discussion helps men understand their relationship with Father Sun, their embodiment of the archetypal Father energy of the Sun, our Earth Mother and therefore the feminine. Hear how breaking the shackles of destructive relationships also breaks the perpetual cycle of control by others; giving our spirit the freedom to experience our own sense of self and self worth. They discuss how breaking the cycle of resentment and pain, enables us to give and receive love that is unconditional and supportive of our divinity. From this position of grace, we are then able to assist the men in our lives to connect with their emotions resulting in more fulfilling relationships. These women of wisdom will raise your awareness and help guide you on your journey to reclaiming this ancient knowledge for your own.

Cynthia Kavassilas Leone Kennedy Emma Stow Sheree Geo Kelly La Sha