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AIRED: 11-09-2020

Sarah Westall is mostly known for her podcasts and articles that cover government corruption, and her censorship on social media because of her strong views. Additionally, she is a successful entrepreneur and business executive. In the past 25 years, she has created and developed multiple companies including successful management and consulting firm and a multi-million-dollar international import and manufacturing company. She has a dynamic leadership career spent building high-performance teams in highly competitive industries. She has an entrepreneurial attitude, energy, and style.
She has a proven ability to define company positioning by driving the development and execution of innovation, market entry plans, long-term growth, strategy, business development, and strategic initiatives.
Sarah has a computer science and business management systems degree from the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in Management Information Systems from the Carlson Business School.
Sarah started her career at the center of the Internet revolution at US West communications where she was promoted multiple times to eventually become director of the advanced networking group responsible for all of the systems design and development for !NTERPRISE, the Internet and Networking arm of US West. At the time, the company captured 75% of the frame relay market, the backbone of the Internet. They also engaged in partnerships with Microsoft, NeXT, Time Warner, and other leaders in the fast growing telecommunications industry in the early 90’s.
Later, Sarah left the corporate world and started her own enterprise. While starting her business she also attended the University of Colorado working towards her MBA. After completing most of the coursework, her business, Ichor Corporation exploded, forcing her to switch focus and invest all of her energies in managing the fast growth multi-million-dollar business.
Sarah also spent over 5 years giving back to the community in one of the most rewarding professions, teaching young adults and college students. As an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota’s top-rated Carlson business, she has taught classes in leadership, ethics, management, and entrepreneurship.
Currently, Sarah is a partner at Galex Consulting and the host of the nationally syndicated show, “Business Game Changers”. Her show features leaders in Business, Government, Society, and Science. Her significant experience and knowledge in technology, systems engineering, business, and entrepreneurship provide insight and depth unparalleled in the media.

website: sarahwestall.com/category/articles

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