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AIRED: 03-07-2023

It had to happen, people being people, and all. Scammers are using A.I. voice cloning tech to call your Grammy and convince her that Uncle Albert is SO sorry and needs a quick PayPal drop or he might lose a big toe, and loe and behold, all her pennies are gone now. So sit down with your family, make a PLAN. Get an A.I. safeword in place NOW. Walt’s will be “Spinny Space Pear”. Josh goes with “Afghanistan Banana Stand”. Smallhat Dave’s? “Earth Is A Ball.” Get yours ready. Tape it to the fridge.
–Holes. Lots of holes. Who made the holes?
–Walls. Lots of walls. Who made the walls?
–And I quote: “Yes, everything in physics is completely made up – that’s the whole point.” Also, and this is a doozy: “A scientist’s notion of what’s really happening is always driven by the math. Before it was accepted that the Earth orbits the Sun, astronomers used epicycles – little orbital loops – to describe planetary motions in an Earth-centred system. This construction is often used, a little unfairly, as a prime example of “making up something to make the math work” going wrong.” Before it was ACCEPTED. Not proven, demonstrated, shown, replicated, none of that…accepted. Full stop.
–BREAKING!! Bill Gates Arrest Warrant Issued in Philippines For ‘Premeditated Murder’ Linked To Vaccine Roll Out

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