AIRED: 12-02-2017

NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney has called it a “Stasi-like surveillance apparatus.” Today’s guest, 9/11 Truth Activist, Les Jamieson warns Americans are at a crossroads of historic proportions for our civil liberties as Congress prepares to renew Foreign Surveillance that ensnares all US citizens before its December 15 adjournment. Les is appealing for action, and talking about Oliver Stone’s new movie, “A Good American,” which highlights the weeks before 9/11 when the NSA shut down a drastically simpler and effective surveillance called “Thin Thread,” co-wrote by Bill Binney and Ed Loomis. After the 9/11 attack, Thomas Drake re-activated Thin Thread for a short data mining of the missing weeks before 9/11. Drake discovered sufficient evidence to have captured two of the 19 hijackers who entered the United States through San Diego. Les urges everybody to call Congress to support Senator Rand Paul’s SB 1997, which clarifies the limitations of acceptable spying on American citizens. It’s crunch time, friends! Speak up now or suffer Full Spectrum Dominance by the Surveillance State forever more! Check out his website www.HR14.orge for action alerts!

website: www.hr14.org

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