Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 06, 2013


LUBBOCK, Texas, Nov. 5 (UPI) — A form of Chinese meditation can help smokers reduce their craving for cigarettes even if they hadn’t intended to, says a researcher in the United States.

Yi-Yuan Tang of Texas Tech University analyzed data on 27 smokers, of whom 15 got five hours over two weeks in Integrative Body-Mind Training, which includes relaxation, mindfulness and mental imagery. Mindfulness is an attentive awareness of reality. Subjects in a control group received a relaxation regimen.

The researchers sought volunteers interested in reducing stress and improving their performance, but the experiment was designed to explore how IBMT — previously shown to improve the self-control pathway related to addiction — would impact smoking behavior.

IBMT, which involves whole body relaxation, mental imagery and mindfulness training led by a qualified coach, has been practiced in China for a long time, Tang said.

“We found a significant reduction in smoking — around 60 percent, in daily cigarette use,” Tang said in a statement. Those in the control group showed no decrease in smoking.