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Jan 04, 2014

(Before It’s News)

Italian researcher Matteo Ianneo, presents in his book Messages From Mars I°  elements common to our civilization:  human faces and profiles,animals, ruins, cities and vegetation that he found scanning Mars with Google Earth.  The 172 page book is the result of his careful and diligent study  of his  step by step  searching the surface the Red Planet.

This is the first “face that Ianneo found.  His first discovery was made in September 2009 at 3am Italian time. It can be found on Google Earth on Mars at  Latitude 33°12’29.82″N Longitude 12°55’51.21″


He says, “Here is the Face of Gandhi. This face is very important to me, many human elements and aspects can be seen: the round head with a dark part that seems to represent the subject’s hair, an ear, an eyebrow, an eye, the nose, mouth and neck. I have to say that it really is a good profile. Of course, I leave it to the reader to formulate an opinion and/or personal judgement.”


Here is “A beautiful face which in my opinion is feminine in nature.” says Ianneo.

Google Earth is as follows:Latitude 43°19’19.30″N Longitude 22°53’5.29″E

Image source: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G.Neukum)

Inneo writes in his book  Messages From Mars I°:  If this face is artificial in nature, it must surely have been carved by some unknown means. My hypothesis is a sculpture carved from above by technology unknown to us. Perhaps enormous spaceships left these marks as a sign of their arrival on this planet – a type of competition to see who was the most powerful godexplorer and conqueror of universes.”

Ianneo found a castle on Mars  using  the Google Earth program for Mars at the Martian coordinates: Latitude 84 ° 13’27 .72 “N Longitude 22 ° 32’19 .53″ W.





Ianneo writes, “I kept thinking that what was amazing about these images was that they shared common details to us, i.e. human features. I wasn’t surprised that later I discovered others. And so it was. As I scanned the surface of Mars, in one area I noticed the profile of an anthropomorphic being.”  The position on Google Earth is as follows: Latitude 40°01’25.89″N Longitude 8°58’21.53″W


Ianneo says, “I would like you to look at this last discovery that made me incredibly happy: the face of the Holy Shroud.”   The position on Google Earth is as follows: Latitude 38°20’49.26″N Longitude 13° 2’5.56″W



Cover for Messages From Mars I°

Ianneo says, “Remember that every face examined by me is not the result of erosion caused by natural elements, but hidden wonders created by people who dominated this extraordinary planet.”

His critics are harsh and say his work is “useless” and only the product of  “a very well known phenomenon of perception of the human mind: to be able to, or to want to see human faces in everything. This feature of the human brain has been widely studied and has the scientific name of pareidolia.”  His efforts have been called the “height of misinformation.”