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Tonight, on the #Paranormal Portal, we welcome EnigmaTV’s own Christopher Everard to the Show to discuss the Technology of the Ancients. Chris has been instrumental in exposing the #AncientTechnology of our distant ancestors and their ability to shape the world around them. Their technology seems to have been done in a way of achieving #NaturalBalance...

AIRED: 12-08-2018
Paranormal Portal

Christopher Everard LIV.E. FROM PARIS. . New french REVOLUTION France’s gilets jaunes (yellow vests) have vowed to continue their high-profile protest campaign after forcing the French government into a U-turn on a controversial rise in fuel tax. The movement behind three weeks of increasingly violent protests across the country declared it wanted more concessions...

AIRED: 12-07-2018
Into The Microcosm - Jimmy Gene

Astrological insights for the month of December with CHRIS EVERARD and LAUREN the TFR astrologer – includes Vedic predictions for the entire month for all 12 signs – very informative show ...

AIRED: 12-02-2018
The Christopher Everard Show

(The host has not yet entered a description for this archive)...

AIRED: 11-04-2018
The Christopher Everard Show

Researcher, author & film maker Christopher Everard from Enigma TV joins me to discuss some of the most powerful secrets hidden from mankind – free energy! From the work of Tesla up to the new power sources coming into production today, then all the way back to the Pyramids, we show how the planet is...

AIRED: 10-10-2018
The Kev Baker Show

Christopher Everard joins us from to break down the crystal technology of The Great Pyramid. We take you inside of the Subterranean Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber, and reveal the hidden mysteries of the King’s Chamber. In the second hour we discuss psychedelics in Egypt and the possibility of extra terrestrial influences.

AIRED: 10-01-2018
Beyond The Veil

AS THIS SHOW WENT LIVE a second poison gas incident took place in Salisbury, Wiltshire in England – roads were closed off, four ambulances were called to the Prezzi Italian restaurant and South-West ambulance team confirmed that they had scrambled a hazardous chemical specialist unit. In this fast-action show we discuss the magical inspiration for...

AIRED: 09-16-2018
The Christopher Everard Show

Christopher Everard & Scotty Lopez join me to discuss a whole host of topics that will leave you with your jaw dropping. At times you may even think some of the topics we discuss just cant be true, but check for yourself, because like i always say, facts are stranger than fiction, and Mr Everard...

AIRED: 09-12-2018
The Kev Baker Show

Our special guest is LAUREN McGIL from California who discusses the fascinating horoscopes of Prince William, President Trump, Kate Middleton and also astrologically analyzes the crash which killed Princess Diana. We also astrologically look into the future and see that URANUS may indeed see a switch and transformation from our traditional banking system and a...

AIRED: 08-19-2018
The Christopher Everard Show

In this broadcast i’m joined by Christopher Everard and Scott Lopez to discuss cave art from the US & information about the aboriginal people of Australia. Lots of talk about Gobekli Tepe in recent times may have you thinking that the story of mankind goes back 11 thousand years, but in the episode thanks to...

AIRED: 08-15-2018
The Kev Baker Show