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AIRED: 10-18-2019

David Renton is a barrister, historian and anti-fascist activist. He is the author of Fascism Theory and Practice.

His new book is The New Authoritarians: Convergence on The Right

What are the characteristics of authoritarians and authoritarianism?

Are there authoritarians on both the left and right?

What kind of person becomes an authoritarian

What is the nature of today’s authoritarian movements?
What is the nature of today’s authoritarian groups?

How is the media treating today’s authoritarians?

How is new far right different from past far right

You say that new kinds of authoritarianism are emerging.

Who are the leaders of today’s authoritarianism?

What are the most effective strategies for the left to use against today’s right?

What are the liabilities of the left today?

How is today’s left different from early iterations of the left?

Willingness to inflict cruelty—violence, walls, exclusion
Economics: was neoliberal—new—welfare for chosen not the excluded—immigrants

Fascists of 1920s and 30s

How is the far right in the UK different from the far right in the US?

How are the goals of authoritarians of today different?

How are the responses to authoritarians different?

Can you give a snapshot of the anthropology and history of the development authoritarianism?

Is there authoritarianism on the left?

Talk about Trump and how he fits in to your take on authoritarianism
How are Trump supporting authoritarians the same and different?

Who are the most egregious authoritarians in the world today?

Fascist vs non-fascist right

How did 911 change things

You write about the internationalism of the right.

How the left wins:
Challenge racism and discrimination
Offer alternatives
Do better at challenging all forms of oppression
Attack obscene disparities of wealth

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