The Making of a Democratic Economy: Marjorie Kelly >>


AIRED: 09-27-2019

There’s a better kind of economic model that is democratic, non-extractive and focused on being good for people and the environment. Kelly gives detailed descriptions of the goals, the visions, the practical steps, with real-world examples. This is not only doable, it’s being done


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Why did the Georgia Guidestones come down on July 6, 2022, George W. Bush’s 76th birthday? And what’s up with the green skies in South Dakota the day CERN got fired back up? Tune in to find out. ...

AIRED: 07-06-2022

Sarge opens the show by covering reports of the radical left going totally off the rails of sanity and reason regarding the SCOTUS’s overturning of Roe v Wade. Whoopie ‘The Hut’ Goldberg thinks a woman should be able to kill her baby (not her body), but someone who doesn’t want to take a Covid Clot...

AIRED: 07-05-2022

Today we realized there were fewer fireworks and also fewer demonic attacks than expected over the weekend and the holy daze, especially after our epic show last Friday night on Have No Sphere with guests Jerry Marzinsky and Anon. We share some defense, add some encouragement, and shine forth with LOVE. How do they even...


You need to understand the nature of this war. Everything you see is a manifestation of it. The proxy war against you is using the lives of Ukrainians and Russians to destroy you. The billions being stolen from you in the form of taxes are being laundered through the battlefield in Ukraine to fund the...

AIRED: 07-03-2022

Interview Session With My Special Guests Colin Davis And Melissa Mari Of Shadow Tech Alchemy And Various Musical Projects! We Discuss Culture Shifts In Music And Heavy Metal From The 90s and 2000s In Culture and its relationship to Jungian psychology of developing oneself through individuation and shadow work! How do we let go of...