WeQ and Collective, Bottom-up Leadership: Peter Hawkins >>


AIRED: 09-13-2019

Peter Hawkins talks about the need for “WeQ” in leadership– thinking about all the stakeholders– management, employees, customers, community, ecology. This even applies to professional sports teams.

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Sarge opens the show by discussing the MoneyPox issue (the K is silent) and how the FDA (Federal Death Administration) is about to approve an EUA for the MoneyPox jabs for children under 18 who are allegedly ‘high risk’ whatever that means. Sarge also covers medical professionals who are setting up Private Membership Associations to...

AIRED: 08-16-2022

Today’s title traveled through the tesseract to the team by way of Tommy TellTheTruth: “​Life is like a Box of Boxes… Feel Free to Think/Live outside of them all…” I smell a new T-shirt a-brewing!! We have lots to discuss, and time is NOT on our side. Whatever time-compression that occurs at the start of...


I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said there were only two things guaranteed in life; death and taxes. Well, the Global Syndicate has ordered the government to combine them into one job description. ...

AIRED: 08-14-2022