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AIRED: 09-06-2019 Progressive News and Opinion
Published on Jul 22, 2019
WE discuss Douglas’s book, Team Human, including, collectivism, distributed economy, blockchain, open source…. Always gets back to Socialism

Fractal Sensibility. The key to experiencing one’s individuality is to perceive the way it is reflected in the whole and, in turn, resonate with something greater than oneself… religion?

Collectivism as an active choice—joining team human

Solidarity begins with place.
Team human participates in national and global politics from the bottom up, the small to the large, and the local to the national and beyond.

Repeatedly, you assert throughout the book This is not weakness this is strength. It seems to be a pattern—pp 204

The greatest threats to team human are the beliefs, forces and institutions that separate us from one another and the natural world of which we are a part.

History of disempowerment of local
Humans derive from their power of place

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