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AIRED: 08-23-2019

Mike Gravel is one of my heroes, a former Senator from Alaska, and a presidential candidate in 2008 and for the 2020 election.

He’s my hero because he had the courage to release Daniel Ellsberg’s pentagon papers. He tells us what he’d have said if the DNC had allowed him in the debate and what he has to say to Donald Trump– and who he endorses, about the DNC, Medicare for All, and a lot more.

Senator Gravel, the first time we met was at a Washington conference for progressives, and then I met you again when you were excluded from a primary debate in Philly in 2008. It’s great to have you back on the show.

Tell me what you would have added to the Democratic debate you were excluded from.

You refer to republican socialism. Let’s talk about that.

The candidates Senator Gravel supports.

What Senator Gravel has to say to Donald Trump

Legislature for the people and his book coming out this Fall, The Failure of Representative Government and the Solution: The People

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