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Aug 30, 2013

Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

Recently we learned of four-year-old “Rosie” and her single, disabled mother, “Mary” who were trying to keep the girl’s garden despite a property manager’s previous insistence that the garden go this week.

It was later stated that the reason for removal was for some relandscaping. The two live in a South Dakota housing unit subsidized by the USDA’s Rural Development Agency. The property manager fell back on RDA policy saying that the rules were that no “structures” be allowed in the yards.

The USDA since came out to say that they had no such policy either for or against the family growing food behind their dwelling. However, they did not intervene on Rosie and Mary’s behalf and they are the ones paying for people to live there. The USDA’s commentary and actions stopped there.

From Kitchen Gardeners International (KGI):

I just spoke with the property management company handling the 8-unit rental property where Rosie and Mary live and the property owner has agreed to build a new raised bed vegetable garden for them and the other tenants next spring. It’s a small victory, but hopefully one that will motivate local and federal decision-makers to make sure that others living in subsidized housing can enjoy the benefits of home-grown foods too. Many thanks for all your help and support!

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