Truth Frequency Radio">Kev Baker
Jul 03, 2014

The House Of Saud claim they are there to PROTECT FROM ISIS THREAT. But, could they be there to invade Iraq itself, and expand the Saudi Region?

Saudi Arabia have deployed 30k troops along the Iraqi border claiming the Iraqi soldiers deserted their posts. The Iraqi army have denied this. What im asking is, are ISIS a tool of the House Of Saud? Are they being used to grab land that will eventually be part of a larger, Saudi ran Caliphate? And while all this is going on we are being warned of and “imminent attack” being planned for a Ugandan Airport, and closer to home there is heightened security at all airports as DHS say they have intelligence that suggests US bound airliners are the target for a fresh bomb plot. UK airports are paying particular attention to electronic items.

So, its all of us back home again that are having our lives disrupted because of a threat…. a threat that comes from the very people our government are supporting in the likes of Syria!
WOW! Saudi Deploy 30k Troops On Iraqi Border To Combat ISIS, Or To Invade?