Secret Space & The TRUTH behind UFO’s w/ Christopher Everard >>


AIRED: 03-25-2010

 Guest: Christopher Everard

We welcome back Christopher Everard of Enigma TV. Chris is a British film maker world renowned for his film series –  The Illuminati Vol. 1-3, Spirit World Vol 1-2 and Secret Space vol 1-3.

On the last broadcast, Chris joined us to discuss his upcoming film – Illuminati Vol 4: Brotherhood Of The Beast where he disclosed inside information into the demonic worship of the elite. This time we will be discussing the Secret Space program and his upcoming presentation: Space Camps where you will learn the mysteries of the universe, how to film UFO’s, crop circles, ancient UFO’s and the future of Hubble and UFOlogy.

Chris specializes in the royal family bloodlines, demonology, ufology and all things connected to the New World Order. He is a great friend of ours and we are hoping for an extended broadcast JAM PACKED with information!!!

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