Sep 08, 2013

A SWAT team shot an elderly man in his own home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, after he allegedly held two people at gunpoint, and shot multiple times at police officers trying to enter the residence.

Police officers arrived at the scene to respond to a domestic disturbance call. They found Monroe Isadore, who is 107 years old, holed up in his bedroom, apparently after holding two people at gunpoint. They safely evacuated the two others, then a SWAT team inserted a small camera into the room, confirming that he had “a small handgun”.

When negotiations “didn’t work”, SWAT proceeded to throw tear gas or some other noxious substance into the room, hoping that he would surrender. Instead, he only fired more times at SWAT through the door, which prompted SWAT to then throw in a “distraction device” (a flash bang grenade), and entered the room, which is when the centenarian mounted his last stand, pointing the handgun at them and firing multiple times.

Predictably at this point, the SWAT team engaged weapons of their own, shooting Monroe multiple times, killing him.

They have all been placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard for any officer-involved shooting ; However, they will likely be rewarded for their “bravery” in killing the elderly man, and most likely, this will happen again as the precedent for killing elderly people who are carrying a tiny handgun has now been set.