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Sep 22, 2020

Fat cells also release Leptin, a molecule that inhibits the release of GnRH . Lower levels of GnRH reduces LH and FSH secretion from the pituitary gland thereby reducing testosterone production and release from the testicles. Research in Asia has shown both of these herbs to be natural aromatase reducers that can reduce estradiol levels.

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An aromatase reducer or inhibitor will prevent the male body from converting testosterone into estrogen. Increased levels of SHBG act to regulate the circulating levels of free, biologically available estrogens. An estrogen test measures the level of estrogens in the blood or urine.

If you are low in zinc this could stop the pituitary gland from releasing some of the key hormones for stimulating testosterone production. By eating zinc rich foods, you can help make sure this doesn’t happen and avoid a reduction in your testosterone levels. Some foods, vitamins, and herbs can help boost your testosterone levels.

Low testosterone levels are linked to a variety of cardiovascular risks. Taking vitamin C with oral contraceptive or hormone replacement therapy might increase your estrogen levels. While Arimidex is known to reduce estrogen in men by inhibiting aromatase, the medication can also increase testosterone production. Arimidex prevents estrogen from blocking pituitary signals that stimulate testosterone production, mainly LH and FSH.

  • High levels can lead to the development of a condition called gynecomastia.
  • Increased estrogen can cause more breast tissue to develop than normal.
  • A doctor will have you take a laboratory blood test if they believe you may have either high or low levels of estrogen.

Be sure to talk to your doctor, if you’re concerned about low testosterone. These alternative and natural treatments aren’t proven to be more, or as, effective as traditional testosterone therapy. Some may also interact with any medications you may be taking and cause unintended side effects. A healthy heart pumps blood to the rest of the body, providing muscles and organs with the oxygen needed for peak performance. Testosterone hsv helps red blood cell production through the bone marrow.

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Blocking the aromatizing enzyme can improve and maintain injected testosterone. Aromatase is predominately found in adipose tissues, principally in the central fat deposits of the abdomen. Obesity is one of most common conditions associated with low testosterone (Low-T). The more fat cells a man has centrally located, the more aromatase enzyme that is present. Furthermore, fat cells release pro-inflammatory markers that promote cholesterol build up in arteries and reduce pituitary signals that normally raise testosterone levels.

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In several clinical studies Arimidex given 1mg daily has been shown to increase, often double, bioavailable testosterone. Unlike TRT, patients who use Arimidex as mono therapy do not experience a rise in hematocrit and hemoglobin levels or an elevation in prostate- specific antigen . When estrogen levels are too high in men the result can be a decrease in testosterone production. When men undergo testosterone replacement therapy, aromatase will act to breakdown newly injected testosterone into estrogen.