Hours 1&2 – Fake Patriots/Informants Exposed ——- Hours 3&4 – Hollow Earth w/ Billy Faye Woodard & Brooks >>


AIRED: 02-04-2012

Hours 1 and 2: We change the frequency based on breaking news and investigative  journalism. We discuss the patriot radio scene, the 512 conspiracy, infiltrators, “patriot” child abusers/ radio show hosts/ informants and expose the people who help them. Our investigations took us back to 2007, to the Ed and Elaine incident and we tied all of this new information in with the arrests of Ed & Elaine Brown, Danny Riley, Reno and everyone else involved. We discuss how the informants infiltrated the patriot radio scene, who let them in and who has been covering up their tracks. We also speak with Donna Vanmeter in the second hour, Reno’s wife and get a first hand account at some of the situations regarding the Brown’s incident. You can read the article on Truth Frequency News where we source all of our material and back up every claim with indisputable fact.

In the third and fourth hour we switch the frequency back to our regular format and discuss the Hollow Earth with Billy Fay Woodard in the third hour and Brooks Agnew in the fourth.

(length: 3 hours, 15 minutes- commercial free)


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