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AIRED: 08-30-2015

Illegal immigration and Anchor Babies may bring 100 million Americans to the polls, but unless a president can be found who can live long enough to legally take this shadow government apart, there will be no peaceful recovery of the Republic. History lessons are great for campfire discussions, but unless someone gathers up the hundreds of millions of slaves and openly rebels against the system, there is no hope for freedom and liberty. I pray for this strong leader to come forth, because history of rebellions is replete with arbitrary beheadings. Unless all Americans are willing to cut up their credit cards today, I see no way out of this slavery.

By the way, the largest owner of American debt is not China. It is the very Federal Reserve that was created in 1910 and fully empowered to own America in 1932 by FDR.

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As the weight of corruption in the Obama/Clinton Administration began sinking the Democrat ship, the possibility that Donald Trump might win the election crated a risk that years of working with the Russians to trade technology, uranium, and intelligence for enormous sums of cash might be discovered. So, loose ends had to be cleaned up....

AIRED: 02-18-2018

Two more Uranium One witnesses died this morning as a Russian plane exploded shortly after takeoff. As directed by Davos planners, global banks withdrew from Interbank Lending, forcing national banks to sell stock holdings to cover cash shortfalls, causing the largest single-day drop in DOW history. Coupled with the recent mass assassination attempt on Republican...

AIRED: 02-11-2018

The Syndicate is fighting back against Trump’s exposure of their wiretapping crimes. This week, a 70 mile per hour train carrying 300 lawmakers and their wives and some children was attacked on its way to the Greenbrier Bunker in West Virginia for an offsite planning meeting with the President. A trash hauler, with three men...

AIRED: 02-04-2018

The FBI used to spy on the Russians. Not anymore. The former President, Barack Obama, ordered American spies to compromise and investigate citizen, candidate, President elect, and President Trump in what is shaping up to be the greatest intelligence crime in American history. The Criminal Syndicate behind it is the richest, most powerful ever assembled,...

AIRED: 01-28-2018

Just as the nation was preparing to celebrate the President’s unprecedented accomplishments in his first year, Senator minority leader Chuck Schumer received, from three different activist groups, $500,000 in bribes to order his Caucus to vote against the Continuing Resolution to fund the government. To make matters worse, he intends to keep it unfunded through...

AIRED: 01-21-2018

2018 is bringing with it world changes. America is no longer being bled by the Climate Change scam. Americans will see justice be done in some of the most treacherous and diabolical espionage in world history. The Uranium One Affair we broke in 2015 has been relentless, bringing the first indictments unsealed this week. FISA...

AIRED: 01-14-2018