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AIRED: 07-20-2014

The one undeniable fact is that MH-17 was shot down over Ukrainian ATC space, but one thing everyone is missing is that the people operating the Buk M1 missile system probably did originally target a military vehicle. They did not make a mistake. The Buk M1 missile system came up against anti-missile technology on board the military aircraft it was targeting. How do I know this?
Numerous local photos show Chaff trails coming down from the sky. The missile missed the military aircraft and acquired the Boeing 777 instead.

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By popular demand, tonight was a remix of an absolutely stunning interview 45 months ago with Diana West; syndicated columnist and author of “American Betrayal: The secret Assault on our Nation’s Character.” We discuss a defacto occupation by Soviet spies of the FDR White House, but it does not end there. This is by far...

AIRED: 03-18-2018

In a stunning revelation, President Trump’s secret meeting with Kim Jong-Un in Pyongyang, North Korea on 11-11-2017 was discussed. The denuclearization and reunification of Korea has already been negotiated. After the unprecedented successful “State Visit-Plus” meeting in The Forbidden City in China, Trump dropped Air Force One into Korea for the surprise secret meeting. Trump...

AIRED: 03-11-2018

A massive, well-funded effort to disarm Americans. An international effort to dissolve all borders to allow unrestricted migration. South Africa’s parliament overwhelmingly ordered farms owned by whites to be expropriated without payment. Residents in 9 States now need a passport to fly domestically, because their licenses do not meet Federal Safe ID standards. Do not...

AIRED: 03-04-2018

The media won’t go to jail for lying to the public or for politicizing the news. But CNN has now pressured YouTube to end the voice of Infowars after one of its videos got 4 million views in just two days, criticizing CNN for the way it has handled the Florida School Shooting story. CNN...

AIRED: 02-25-2018

As the weight of corruption in the Obama/Clinton Administration began sinking the Democrat ship, the possibility that Donald Trump might win the election crated a risk that years of working with the Russians to trade technology, uranium, and intelligence for enormous sums of cash might be discovered. So, loose ends had to be cleaned up....

AIRED: 02-18-2018

Two more Uranium One witnesses died this morning as a Russian plane exploded shortly after takeoff. As directed by Davos planners, global banks withdrew from Interbank Lending, forcing national banks to sell stock holdings to cover cash shortfalls, causing the largest single-day drop in DOW history. Coupled with the recent mass assassination attempt on Republican...

AIRED: 02-11-2018