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AIRED: 12-01-2012

1st Hour: Chris and Sheree get blown away with the philosophical musings of 9-year-old Mikey, son of longtime listener MikeInAZ. If this kid is any indication of the future generation of humanity, it looks like it’ll be a bright future! For every question we had for him, he had a logical, thoughtful answer for it! We talk about the history of mankind, consciousness, and even ask the question: “Who is God”? You’ll be surprised at his answer!


2nd-3rd Hour: Author and spiritual healer, Stuart Wilde, joins the broadcast to discuss Palestine’s UN statehood win, the Middle East in General, and other geopolitical events and their mainstream media cover-ups. We also discuss the possibility of a Civil War in the United States, and the state of the economy. In the final hour of the broadcast, we delve deeper into more spiritual matters, such as UFO’s/extraterrestrials (and why NOT to trust them), the nature and location of the “Higher Self”, and spiritual healing. We also cover his event coming up December 8th, Spiritual Healing The Second Chance in Amsterdam.


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Chris and Sheree take on listener questions, while discussing deep topics, such as the difference between organic (Raw) consciousness and NPC’s (“non-player characters”) created and maintained by the artificial intelligence....

AIRED: 11-10-2017

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AIRED: 11-04-2017

Chris and Sheree Geo discuss the possibility of Non-Player-Characters in the Matrix. Could the majority of people on planet Earth actually be Artificial Intelligence manifestations? If so, what does that mean for organic consciousness and #RAwConsciousness? We also discuss the multi-dimensional symbols of the Mormon traditions and Freemasonry....

AIRED: 11-03-2017

Has the Artificial Intelligence created the conditions for setting up the human race for consistent failure by providing belief systems that emphasize the need for a savior, or even the need for higher beings in general? Does it also provide an intergalactic narrative that focuses on outside help, when in reality, nothing exists but a...

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AIRED: 10-07-2017

The path to enlightenment starts inwards and through the heart! But if our heart isn’t operating optimally we find ourselves thwarted and unable to flow freely. This is why we are proud to welcome Don Wiskin in the first hour from to share his experience about balancing the heart. In the second hour of...

AIRED: 09-29-2017