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AIRED: 03-10-2018

Although Ra had a tragedy in his personal life, and had a really emotional few days he still felt he wanted to do this show, thankfully he did. Tonight’s show,like always, had 2 hours of amazing intriguing info. Ra’s interesting view and take on things caresses the radio waves with the supernatural history of our hidden ancestry. In hour one he first touches on the tragic event that happened to his long time best friend. Tonight’s topic was about certain examples in our hidden history that may show proof of genetic engineering or manipulation. Ra goes deep into lore about the Naga and other amphibious beings including Sea Sirens. Ra talks how the Watchers or Grigori have been at war for eons over genetic material over the Gene of isis…the Genesis…..He even describes what some of these holographic entities look like in the astral realms . In hour 2 Ra brings tonight’s guest John Herlosky on for another exciting hour of intel. John is an expert remote viewer who is also an author, his book is titled “the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” John explains certain targets hes been on and what extended remote viewing is. John has worked with some of the biggest names in the field and has such vivid descriptions of his targets that you can almost see and feel the target yourself!!!! H even mentions how he basically saw 911 96 hours before it actually happened!! You don’t wanna miss this one folks…please subscribe at and we will see you next week inside the eye of ra…..Spiral out!!!



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Like in the Days of Enoch , the Watchers or Grigori, still come down into this dimension, into the mountains,…but most don’t believe, don’t care, think its crazy talk or don’t understand whats going on. But why are they here???? Who are they??? In the first hour Ra discusses his recent encounter with these beings...

AIRED: 03-03-2018

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AIRED: 02-03-2018

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AIRED: 01-27-2018

hey everyone well this was an interesting show to say the least. In the first segment Ra talks of the Moon and also of the mysterious Mrs Patterson talked about by occultist Austin Spare whom he supposedly met in 1902. She apparently was able to manifest her thoughts and project images into the physical, images...

AIRED: 01-13-2018

tonight was another great addition to the list of mind blowing shows that are action packed with so much information that two hours goes sooo fast!!! Maria was kind to stay up late with us where she lives in Avery, to be live here on Eye of Ra!! In the 1st segment Ra discusses his...

AIRED: 01-06-2018