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AIRED: 10-13-2012

First Hour: Author Caleb Mertz joins us to talk about his end-times novel, The Unexpected. In the book, the Christians become the terrorists, bound by their religious beliefs that feel threatened by their own fear of the sociological changes happening in their country.


website: calebmertz.com

2nd-3rd Hour: Alfred Lambremont Webre rejoins the broadcast to discuss the recent news concerning the 9/11 War Crimes Tribunal, of which Alfred is a big part. We talk about the latest disgusting “hit piece” that the Colbert Report did on Andrew D. Basiago, and conjecture about the possibility of a well-orchestrated Psy-Op being performed to keep people from knowing the truth about time travel and the CIA’s involvement in it, as well as Andy’s 2016 Presidential election bid ; The slogan?  “Time For Truth”.

website: exouniversity.org

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