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AIRED: 07-01-2018

After years of Democrat leaders purposefully turning Liberals into victims without any other hope than the DNC, their intolerant, inflexible, hateful, misguided, ill-informed, un-American, hypocritical, menacing, callous, ignorant,narrow-minded and at times blatantly fascistic tactics have finally caused an allergic reaction. Lifelong Liberals are walking away from the Democrat Party by the millions as the corruption of Party leadership is exposed to public scrutiny. The new Party platform of:
1. Impeach Donald Trump
2. Repeal the 2nd Amendment
3. Open borders
4. Raise taxes
has become cast in stone. President Trump has stepped forward apolitically with great leadership and asked for Americans to come together as one. #WWG1WGA.

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It is not our diversity that is the source of America’s strength. It is the unity of America that makes it invincible. It has been the ongoing mission of the Democrat Party for 170 years to divide the people into warring factions. Coupled with a long-standing tradition of grooming Presidents, they ruled by law for...

AIRED: 09-23-2018

It is still unclear what led to the evacuation and closure of the facility, which is typically open to the public. The Post reported that only the director and an assistant have been allowed into the building and even the security guards have reportedly been kept in the dark. It is suspected that outsiders hacked...

AIRED: 09-16-2018

Looks like Q is not the only one saying things that affect the future. The noose around the neck of the anonymous author of the infamous NYT op-ed is growing tighter…or at least that’s what the Trump administration wants us to think. Maybe it was John McCain who wrote the OpEd. Maybe it was one...

AIRED: 09-09-2018

This week, President Trump held a rally in Indiana. The arena was packed to the rafters, and there were thousands outside watching on a large screen. The Fox network carried the whole broadcast. The other networks carried pieces of it. But, there were thousands of cell phones and digital devices sending the video of the...

AIRED: 09-02-2018

24 Hours ago, the New York Times ran a piece entitled “Kremlin Sources Go Quiet, Leaving C.I.A. in the Dark About Putin’s Plans for Midterms.” In 7 days, the 2018 MidTerm election begins. President Trump is scheduled to begin a brutal series of rallies that will endorse dozens of candidates on a globally televised stage...

AIRED: 08-26-2018

In 1933, the Soviets infiltrated the Roosevelt Administration. They controlled major cabinet positions, billions in budget allocations, and funded the bulk of Hollywood and media publications. Henry A. Wallace was his secretary of commerce and later, secretary of agriculture, which was so infiltrated that the worst of all Depression-era government communist cells — the Ware...

AIRED: 08-05-2018