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AIRED: 01-30-2017

Native Americans NeSe and William Whitecrow’s Voices From Afar are shard with us as they speak of the treatment of the military as they enter the ranks and after they become veterans. The discussion also turns to the government’s evil attempt to keep cannabis from being used for all its beneficial uses.



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Well, I am sure that dark forces were in play in an effort to keep this show from going on air. This show uncovers perhaps one of the most heinous acts perpetrated against humanity as it entails the butchery of hundreds of thousands of infants and toddlers used in the most cruel and inhumane ways...

AIRED: 07-19-2017

Doc might just set you straight on the Word of God. He will certainly ruffle some feathers, but the truth is the truth and it’s right there written in the Word of God. Doc knows the Illuminati better than anyone who will tell you about them, being he is a seventh generation Illuminatist reaching the...

AIRED: 07-17-2017

Jason’s work is to show how differences make us great as a race and is exhibiting multiculturalism through his award winning photography and asks the question, why the racism? Just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this being’s experience in the realms of the paranormal. His book, The Haunted Soul, will certainly...

AIRED: 07-12-2017

Larry asked God to show him what Hell is actually like. Well, God granted his wish and an angel gave him the tour. His story is not of imagination, it is backed by no less then, miracle after miracle in his life and that of his granddaughter, Andrea. In the third segment of the show...

AIRED: 07-10-2017

I asked Jimmy on the show after having nearly five hours worth of conversations with him via Skype and considered him to be an incredible wealth of knowledge in so many fields. We covered a plethora of subjects from Cannabis to Trump, but the one subject we covered in depth is the fact that new...

AIRED: 07-05-2017

David is a rare breed of Marine chosen to guard our embassy in Moscow during a most tense time of the cold war. David has since beat all the odds against him, being born a child to a black sixteen year old single mother to where and what he has accomplished. Now being a life...

AIRED: 06-28-2017