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May 26, 2016

by Luckee1 26 May 2016

social-security-card-moneyDon’t like hearing about people on Social Security Disability, huh?

I am constantly surprised by the reactions people have when they hear that you or a friend is applying for disability. For some bizarre reason that subject gives the general populace some license to judge and vex any person who tries to obtain benefits.

First you have the ‘Warrior-Monk’ response: I have worked all my life and paid into Social Security and never got a nickel from them. I will wait until I can retire and even then, I plan to have my retirement account take care of me.

Then you have the ‘Martyr-Mary’ response: I have worked and paid into it, and have had all kinds of health issues, I can’t work now, and can’t retire, but I have never gotten any money from Social Security. I won’t apply, I have too much pride, and I am not going to be one of those people who suck off the system.

The last one is all too familiar. Downtrodden Dan: I applied for it once when I hurt my back and couldn’t work, and they turned me down.

For Dan doesn’t know that the case handlers at the Social Security office are required to deny benefits on the first attempt. The SS coffers remain full because of folks like him.

I want to address the Warrior Monk now. Kindly add up all the money you paid into the Social Security Program and calculate the interest you would have had, had you invested in a plain savings account. Why would you merely give the government that money for free?

As to the Marys out there: You are an idiot. This is an insurance program. If you got into a car wreck, I am certain you would call the car insurance company to pay for the damages. Get off your ego and take the money back that you had paid in.

I am watching my friend going through the screening process for disability. I have also watched her raise her two children, take care of her mother and take care of her two brothers all on her own work, WHILE she paid into Social Security. She never got a dime from Social Security. She, more often than not, worked TWO jobs to make ends meet, never asking the government for help. She sometimes had three jobs, all of whom took Social Security money from her pay.

In this screening process she has had all kinds of nasty opinions spoken to her by doctors, staff, and hangers-on galore. She detests not being able to work. She has NEVER been without work. If I gave her ten minutes to find a job, she would be employed within five.

Some people like to tell her what she is doing wrong with her health. These people are not doctors, or nutritionists, or in anyway knoweledgable in the matter. Mere clerks, all of a sudden, wax on about how she is living her life wrong. Who asked these cretins?

Social Security is not a hand out. Ask anyone who has paid into it. I have paid into it my whole adult life. I don’t begrudge her a penny of benefits. I already have accepted the fact that there will be no retirement for me, when it is time to retire.

When I find a cure for what ails her, I assure you Social Security Payer Outer, my friend will not need these benefits, and she will be working again. It is in her nature to work, but, for now, she cannot.

My friend suffers greatly in this situation. An example: She has high blood pressure. One of the doctors who is supposedly screening her, will vex her for whatever personal delights he finds in it. He likes to lecture her about the way she lives (even though he hasn’t asked her how she lives and she has volunteered no information) He had no idea of her lifestyle, he is merely judging her because of her current station (no income and out of work due to inability). Cute things are done to annoy, like, rescheduling the appointment one day prior to it. She was supposed to have a breathing test done by this doctor. The day she goes to the appointment, her blood pressure is up because she knows what she is in for when she gets to finally see the nasty bastard. They take her blood pressure; behold!, it is elevated and she cannot take a breathing test! She has to come in on another day. (One month from now if you please.) Never mind, he is supposed to be a doctor and should be able to handle a simple breathing test for a patient with high blood pressure, but alas, no, reschedule the appointment. He further admonished her to buy a blood pressure reader, or go to Walgreens and have them do a reading for her so she doesn’t come into his office with high blood pressure. If she had the Social Security benefits, she would buy one.

When she goes back for the breathing test, this time well prepared for his antics, she doubled up on her blood pressure meds. When we go to the office, my friend is received into the back area, and I sit and wait. But only for a few minutes! I heard my friend’s coughing fit and she came out a couple minutes later. I was ready to pounce at the ineptitude of this organization, when my friend smiled and said, “All done!” What I hadn’t known was that nasty bugger had called in again, and this time another doctor filled in for him. Apparently he tried to have my friend’s appointment rescheduled again!

This is just a taste of the ordeal of applying for Social Security ‘benefits’. Now one would wonder, why we haven’t retained a lawyer. That is a good question. The answer is, no lawyer will take the case until you are denied benefits, only then will they take your case and then be paid a portion of the lump sum back payments due you, when you get your appeal approved. This is another way the Social Security Administration retains funds. Most people will, during this ordeal, take a job, any job so they can make their rent payment or buy food. If one is employed, even for one day during this process, they will be turned down for benefits. Those who truly physically cannot work and make money, and cannot afford medicine can very well die during this process, which is another way the Social Security Administration retains funds. This has taken six months so far, and were it not for friends helping out, my friend would be in a far worse situation, like, as in dead.

So to the snooty people who act as if everyone who applies for benefits of an Insurance system we all have been forced to pay, I say, toss off! The next person who volunteers their displeasure about it in my presence will certainly hear me ask my God to bring upon them the same ordeal my friend has had. That is called a curse. See how these judgmental folks like how it feels.

If the kind reader will notice, my friend is not asking for welfare. She is not asking to stay on the government tit. She needs the Social Security benefits she has paid for. And I have paid for. And her mother paid for. And her adult daughter has paid for. We have PAID FOR THIS. We demand a return on our investment.