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AIRED: 01-26-2013

In the first hour, Chris and Sheree cover the Sandy Hook “Massacre/Hoax/etc” as portrayed by the media, including the alternative media, and how it will be used to paint “truthers” as violent, paranoid extremists. We also discuss the ramifications in store for us if gun confiscation/violent revolt ensues due to the lack of public awareness that they are being led around by the nose by the mass media and having their emotions played on by them.


2nd-3rd hours: Max Igan joins us for the first interview since he returned home from Gaza. In the first hour of our interview, we further discuss the Sandy Hook “Massacre/Hoax/etc” and how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. In the final hour, we welcome a long-time listener, Zen Shaman, to the broadcast to ask Max about his trip to Gaza. Amazing interview with an amazing researcher!



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