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AIRED: 12-05-2017

Tom Meyer from The Tom and Steve Show joins us with his story of an enlightened path which led him to question the answers, ultimately helping him to fall off the ball and onto an Earth that SEEMS to be flat. Presenting these same questions about gravity, orbits, sun speeds, and the usual FE litany to his podcast partner for 4 years running erupted in a heated debate on the belief systems Steve holds dear. So dear that he walked off their show, live. When pondering the “Why hide it?” of FE, Tom uses a dairy farm analogy: Would the farmer spend his time teaching the cows to read? Not if he is chasing the cheddar of the fiat debt paper system that drives most to insanity. On the bigger questions of FE, Tom makes a case for finding a Creator once you dispense with the Infinite Danger-filled Void, and embracing the warm feeling of finding out we live on a still, flat plane.
Tom’s heart and authenticity shine through as he lets fly with more than a couple of Carlin’s Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television…or TFR! He reminds us that history is always written by the victor, so the resulting lies and propaganda that are sold to us as fact tend to favor the State. Stressing the importance of Crypto-currency for the needed changes to the psychotic system we struggle under, Tom leaves us eager to have him back on again soon…and we will!

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AIRED: 12-08-2017

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AIRED: 12-01-2017

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AIRED: 11-28-2017

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AIRED: 11-24-2017

Today’s show was a powerhouse with special guest Syllamo, a long-time TFR family member. After a brief discussion of chemtrails, we hear about Syllamo’s path, his experiences in everything from IT and military tech contacts, to drug companies and flight simulator trainer. He shares a reading of his blog post ” NWO Manifesto – Condensed...

AIRED: 11-21-2017

This outing is all about Candi. We are joined by our good friend and Iron Realm Media roving reporter Candi Franklin of iSpy NASALIES channel to recap her amazing time at the Flat Earth International Conference 2017. We hear how she pranked Mark Sargent, the FE CORE foundation for real FE experiments, her personal Uber...

AIRED: 11-14-2017