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AIRED: 11-08-2017

John King and the Real Deal panel discus how to bring down the establishment
and how you can make life better for you and your family. They also discuss what
is taking place over at 4Chan and the criminal cabal is starting to crack. You can
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AIRED: 11-16-2017

(The host has not yet entered a description for this archive)...

AIRED: 11-15-2017

John King is joined by Fish and Gwen Caldwell they discuss How Washington really operates Whats wrong with society and how we need to connect with ourselves and discover not only who we are as a nation but as individuals. You can be a part of the fun by joining THE REAL DEAL Facebook group...

AIRED: 11-09-2017

John King is joined today with Fish and they discuss the new road side pilot program that will be soon rolled out in Michigan targeting Cannabis users where the Michigan state thugs will create a check pint and swab your mouth on the spot. This is nothing less then revenue generation for the failing state...

AIRED: 11-02-2017

John King welcomes Fish and Gwen Caldwell to the panel to discuss the Antifa incursion/psyop that is scheduled to take place on November 4th,and the grid down drill scheduled for the same day. More fear porn for the masses and distractions from the real story. They also discuss the Shake up in Washington D.C and...

AIRED: 11-01-2017

John King is joined by Fish.Gwen Caldwell and Joe Joseph joins us from the daily sheeple ( ) where they discuss The rel Id and it’s effects on you what it is for and what will happen if you don’t have it. In the second half of the real deal John King and the...

AIRED: 10-26-2017