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AIRED: 11-08-2017

John King and the Real Deal panel discus how to bring down the establishment
and how you can make life better for you and your family. They also discuss what
is taking place over at 4Chan and the criminal cabal is starting to crack. You can
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John King is Joined by Gwen and Fish The discuss trumps grand plan for military appreciation day reminiscent of Hitler Germany They also discuss the Super size me mentality of America and loosing our RIGHTS/PRIVILEGES by sitting around and doing nothing because we are afraid to offend someone....

AIRED: 02-07-2018

John King is Joined with Gwen and Fish to discuss the SOTU address by president Trump and discuss the division of the country down party lines and the illusion of the two party criminal political system and expose the laziness of the real deal listener and American people....

AIRED: 01-31-2018

John King is joined with Gwen and they discuss a great project she is involved with and needs boots on the ground and offering opportunity to YOU the listener. You can contact her at her email address if you would like to participate in a community building efforts at [email protected] or on Facebook in her...

AIRED: 01-25-2018

John King is joined today with Gwen and they discuss the retarded Feinstein’s letter to Facebook and Twitter as well as it’s implications. They also discuss the “Q” and the iformation being dropped to the world....

AIRED: 01-24-2018

John King drop more f bombs and goes totally of chain with Gwen Caldwell and Fish. One of his best show in years. CAUTION not for children....

AIRED: 01-04-2018

Johnny King is joined bu Gwen and fish. The topic of the day is the pedophile rings and the United Nations. WARNING JOHNNY KING DROPS THE “F” BOMB! Then we get into the pathetic arm chair patriots! The gang takes the listeners to the wood shed! OH ya baby cuz we don’t give a shit!...

AIRED: 01-03-2018