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AIRED: 11-02-2013

indexFirst Hour: Frank Castle of HeistClick joins the broadcast for the first time in years to give us an update on the goings-on in the “Truth Movement”: How has it evolved over the years, and what’s in store for political activists post-Occupy Wall Street? How have things changed for all of us, and what has remained the same? The only thing we know for sure is that the need for truth-oriented music still resonates in the minds and hearts of activists everywhere, and so we are very happy to see the artists that originally “woke us up” getting back into writing this kind of music!

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2nd-3rd Hour: We welcome our good friend and favorite of the show, Christopher Everard, to the broadcast to talk about the ongoing ideological revolution sweeping the globe. We also take a few of your calls and engage in a lively debate about Communism, Bolshevism, and the Holodomor with one of the callers, and receive a call from a long-time listener of the show who witnessed red orbs flying through the sky in Miami, FL.


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