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AIRED: 03-23-2015

We love to make fun of the Western Propaganda and the fact that anything that happens, then “Putin Done It”…

Tonight though, we try to take a look at what is really happening and we go to the Russian sources – and it doesnt make good reading, not good at all.

Today, Russian Ambassador to Denmark threatened to use nuclear weapons on their navy should the intergrate with NATO and become a part of the NATO Shield.

Yes, thats right – Denmark in northern Europe has just been threatened with a nuclear response to any NATO agreements of missile shields.

Add to that the 40,000 battle-ready troops that are now in the northern territory. In response to that, NATO have moved military within distance to respond to any ATTACK on NATO nations in the Baltic.

In the Black Sea area we have massive NATO naval drills and Russia have responded to that by sending nuclear bombers to their bases in the hotly contested area.

Marty talks about Russia activating the 5000 nuclear shelters in and around Moscow, in what they said was a potential FIRST STRIKE THEY EXPECTED ON THE WEEKEND OF MARCH 15th.

Of the coast of the UK, people woke up to the sight of the USS Theodore Roosevelt off the south coast of England wiht over 5000 sailors on board.

Consider all the recent instances of Russian naval activity in and around Britains shores, namely the recent incident in the English channel, and there was the Russian ship that turned up off the coast of inverness last year and it took the Royal Navy over 24 hours to send a response.

Are we seeing drills being used to move the chess pieces into position?

Is it all bluster and money money money for the military industrial complex?

We are not putting this out to cause fear, we are putting this out because we need to be aware of what is going on.

From chaos comes order.

For global order, they need global chaos…. would a world war fit that bill?

All in the middle of a Tetrad of Blood Moons!

And while all that is going on, the boffins at CERN have finally came out and openly spoke about something that we have said again and again on TFR…. there is a possibility that they will actually find proof of alternative/parallel universes!

The Hadron Collider is currently ramping up towards 14tV and the scientists are again talking about the potential creation of mini black holes called strangelets.

Could they be attempting to contact parallel universe? Could they be trying to bring something or someone through a stargate?

One thing that may be determined away from the woo side, is whether or not the Big Bang theory holds true.

Could this be why Stephen Hawkings is so scared of what may happen at CERN? After all, he does have a bit of a vested interest when it comes to that particular theory!

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