Round Table – MH370, Crimea & Desensitizing Kids >>


AIRED: 03-19-2014

In this episode of the Kev Baker Show, Kev is joined by Johny “Whistles” Sinclair & Marty, DJsNorthWest on youtube.

The guys go over the latest news on the missing flight and Kev talks about how its been getting him down as he watches the families misery.

Then the guys cover the Crimean Crisis and the March 21st deadline for Ukrainian troops to be out the country nears.

John then gives us stories on the desensitization of children and then tells the listeners about possible gangstalking of Melissa Melton & Aaron Dykes, both previously of Infowars.

We hope you all enjoy this episode as the guys give their down to earth views on the stories behind the news headlines.


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