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AIRED: 11-18-2017

Tonight’s show was another blockbuster , so much info and suppressed history was discussed and analyzed by our host and guest Frank Jacob. Frank is a filmmaker and director most known for his ground breaking film Packing for Mars. He has previously been a guest on Ra’s other show Spiral radio several times but tonight is his debut on the Eye of Ra!!!!To find there previous interviews please go to In the first segment Ra does his weekly Heaven and Hell review. Tonight’s H+H review is a continuation of last weeks topic and the Black stone of Aldebaran and how Planets and all its inhabitants are being terraformed by this Black Stone technology. In its purest form it is a limitless ocean of self replicating Ocean of black liquid which can interweave with genetic material and other technology. This liquid is alchemized into a large rock or asteroid and sent or summoned to a Planet to begin its infiltration of every fiber that exists inside the Planet or rock. In the first segment Ra discusses the Ancient Egyptian story of how the Gods and Humans came to be in existence. How people of Egypt saw this bottomless abyss containing a limitless ocean of black lifeless water as a living breathing being. Whatever you choose to call this black liquid of nonexistence, there came a time long ago when this nonexistence transformed into existence. This was the creation of Amun, the 1st one. …is this who the gnostics call Yaldabaoth ???Amun having no father, no mother, and somehow created himself. An A.I. soulless being with a programmed consciousness?? Amun took many forms…one being a part of the creator gods the Ogdoad. Amun took the form of one of the 8 Ogdoad who were said to have the head of frogs and serpents and in humanoid form. These beings can be compared to the Fallen angels, Draco, Seraphim, Annunaki, watchers, etc……Ra talks of the hijack of the energy changes that came to this Planet since 1987 and how this may involve the Planet or God Saturn. It takes 29.5 or 30 years for a Saturn’s return and may mean we are headed towards another massive catastrophic rock coming towards Earth. Comparisons with Set and Apophis are made and how this last massive rock to hit our Earth started a stream of black radiation along our Dragon lines or lei lines….infecting the Dragons Breath of Earth. Ra mentions how dowsers and other shaman have been tracking this black stream of energy corrupting the veins of our Planet. Dont’ miss this groundbreaking discussion. The second segment of the show Ra brings on tonight’s guest Frank Jacob. Frank a respected fimmaker talks of his movie packing for Mars. Topics include the Chronovisor and time travel, the Vatican, how are planet is being terraformed by an artificial intelligence, The coming changes of our Planet and so much more. Frank talks of the 5 years it took to make packing for Mars and the many experiences people interviewed for this film went thru as well as himself. From people going missing, to a colony on mars for the elite…..listen very carefully as Ra and Frank go deep down the Spiral once again. We will see you next week inside the Eye of Ra….next week our guest will be Patty Greer who also has made some amazing films. Spiral out!!!!


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