The Heart Recognition Process, Part 2 With Alexander DeFoe >>


AIRED: 07-06-2012


Hour 1: Nancy Wallace joins us once again to talk about the emotional and physical shifts going on lately, and how to respond to them. She also does a mini-reading for Bob Tuskin’s new baby, who was born on the 4th of July.





Hour 2: We welcome one of our favorite guests, Alex Defoe, to talk about his new book, Trancendental Consciousness States, and delves into the myriad of problems facing the sleeping masses who don’t know how to use their heart to make decisions. We discuss the intellectualization of consciousness and how both the English language and Western society are designed to program people into using too much of their intellect and not enough heart in their everyday lives, and just how damaging that can be to our relationships with others.


Hours 3 and 4: We let Popeye of Federal Jack continue his interview with Christopher Everard and take over for the third and fourth hours so that Chris could get some rest. A fascinating discussion ensues about the interconnectedness of Satanism, mind control, the military industrial complex, etc and the historical and documented basis of this unspoken level of history.




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