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AIRED: 04-26-2018

Uranus transits in Taurus 2017-2020!!!
We also know that Taurus rules money, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and banks. The 2018-2025 period is when “Bankers Go Bonkers.” First, they benefit immensely (profitably) from the turn to higher interest rates (part of the “Great Reset”). But then, before Uranus leaves Taurus, banks may be subject to a dramatic reversal and many may go bust. At the same time, the idea of changing world currency values gathers momentum, which may jeopardize the U.S. Dollar as the world’s standard currency exchange. Already, we see China de-pegging its currency value from the U.S. dollar, in favor of pegging it to Gold, which should tell you something about how I think the future of Gold will unfold.


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