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AIRED: 08-23-2017

This show is packed! We cover the U.S. total solar eclipse of August 21, the Fort Knox gold ritual that quietly went down the same day, the deaths of Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis, the trade of Kyrie Irving, the upcoming NFL season, the Barcelona false flag, the Finland false flag, and as always,
we take your calls on a number of topics, including a caller with a big revelation about Donald Trump’s father.



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Was the Mexico earthquake of September 19, 2017, on the 32-year anniversary of the Mexico City earthquake a coincidence? In Gematria Bomb = 2+15+13+2 = 32, and we need to consider the 41-years of underground weapons testing that the United States, and other world militaries participated in. Why were they detonating massive explosives (bombs) underground...

AIRED: 09-20-2017

With my guests Derek and Jonathan, we decode the headlines, exposing the ritualistic propaganda in the media, from the latest school shooting in Washington State, to the release of Hillary Clinton’s book ‘What Happened’, to celebrity murder by numbers, and the hype surrounding the release of the latest iPhone, which the Chicago Tribute says proves...

AIRED: 09-13-2017

In this episode we discuss the undeniable pattern of weather warfare by the numbers, and how ’52’ has persisted in the destruction of lands throughout history, from 1952 to the present. Weather warfare by the numbers is a very real thing, and there is no better way to prove its existence than by knowing the...

AIRED: 09-06-2017

In this episode we talk about the history of weather warfare, from 1952 to the present, and how the flooding of Houston and other Texas communities, soon to be Louisiana, is not natural, but manipulated by man, for financial gain and other insane purposes. As a famous musician, murdered by the numbers once said, the...

AIRED: 08-30-2017

The Charlottesville false flag is exposed for what it is. An event, coordinated by the police, federal government and media, for the purpose of riling up and dividing the people of this nation. We talk about the agenda, where we’re going, and what we can do to stop it. On top of that, we also...

AIRED: 08-16-2017

In this week’s episode we decode the propaganda, starting with the North Korea nuclear threats. From there we have guest Jonathan, who breaks down the upcoming rigging of the 2017 NFL season. After that, we decode the racially divisive propaganda in the headlines involving Tiger Woods, Usher Raymond, and the death of the 3 year...

AIRED: 08-09-2017