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AIRED: 08-09-2017

In this week’s episode we decode the propaganda, starting with the North Korea nuclear threats. From there we have guest Jonathan, who breaks down the upcoming rigging of the 2017 NFL season. After that, we decode the racially divisive propaganda in the headlines involving Tiger Woods,
Usher Raymond, and the death of the 3 year old day care student, a story from August 9, the 3-year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting. As always, we also take your calls, tune in and listen long!



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The Charlottesville false flag is exposed for what it is. An event, coordinated by the police, federal government and media, for the purpose of riling up and dividing the people of this nation. We talk about the agenda, where we’re going, and what we can do to stop it. On top of that, we also...

AIRED: 08-16-2017

Derek of joins the show to talk about the August 21 solar eclipse, the first of its kind in 99-years. Among many, the question is posed, was Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon released March 1, 1973, in alignment with the August 21 eclipse? If it was, what else? On top of that...

AIRED: 08-02-2017

In this week’s show we talk about the many recent celebrity deaths, the repealing of Obamacare by the numbers, the resignation of Sean Spicer and the replacement by Anthony Scaramucci by the same code, and other bogus news stories such as OJ Simpson to go free. We also take a number of fascinating calls, with...

AIRED: 07-26-2017

In this episode you’ll learn valuable knowledge about the 4th of July, U.S. History and the English Language, as well as the numerical code behind it. If you ever thought it was odd Adams, Jefferson and Monroe all died on the 4th, learn about how it all comes together and more. We also touch on...

AIRED: 07-05-2017

On the day my YouTube channel and blog were deleted by Google, following the orders from the Bilderberg meeting of June 2017, we talk about censorship of the internet and the growing New World Order agenda, which becomes more transparent with each passing day. In addition, we discuss SpaceX’s big weekend just before Elon Musk’s...

AIRED: 06-28-2017

Truthiracy3 joins us to promote his book Behind the Emerald Door, helping people become aware of the esoteric mockery that is put before our eyes on a daily basis. Also discussed are the news headlines of the Summer Solstice for 2017, including the death of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, the destruction of the mosque in Mosul,...

AIRED: 06-21-2017