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AIRED: 04-26-2017

Have you noticed a number of references to Batman in recent false flags (manufactured media tragedies) in the time since the Dark Knight Rises,
Summer of 2012, up to the present? If not,there’s a very dark riddle at play, and it has much to do with the masonic order Skull and Bones, and its relationship with the character Batman. We uncover all that and more in this very special broadcast!


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Learn how the market collapse of October 10, 2018 was connected to Donald Trump, his grandmother Elizabeth Trump, the Berlin Wall and a number of other related variables, including Hurricane Michael, which was no accident, but instead, a work of mad science. It’s a sick game taking place, and “The Chump”, Donald, the pawn, is...

AIRED: 10-10-2018

In this week’s episode we cover a smorgasbord of topics, including the reason for Trump’s text going out at 2:18 EST, as opposed to 2:00, or 2:10, or 2:15, or 2:20, etc. As we have covered on this program for a number of years, the number 2:18 has everything to do with Trump and time....

AIRED: 10-03-2018

For the 104th episode, we had to discuss Robert Bork, who was rejected for the Supreme Court, largely thanks to Ted Kennedy, and who was replaced by Anthony Kennedy, as the 104th Supreme Court Justice, a span of 104-days from his rejection. In addition to that, we take an abundance of brilliant calls and cover...

AIRED: 09-26-2018

In this episode we open with the riddle between Christine Blasey Ford, Brett Kavanaugh, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump -it’s a riddle you need to know and share with your family and friends. From there, we transition to the Yom Kippur inspired shootings in Middleton, WI and Masontown, PA that we saw coming...

AIRED: 09-19-2018

In this episode we discuss weather warfare by the numbers and why CNN featured a headline saying North Carolina is going to get a ‘MIke Tyson Punch’ on September 12, 2019, 74-days after his 52nd birthday. Also discussed is what makes the 17-year anniversary of 9/11 the most important, and what it foreshadows for the...

AIRED: 09-12-2018

In this week’s episode we cover the curious details of Tropical Storm Gordon, Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Jebi. From there we dissect the nomination and hearing of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, and parallel it to the process of Neil Gorsuch, the last man installed to the bench. Adding to the riddles, we look...

AIRED: 09-05-2018