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AIRED: 08-28-2014

Dr. Joye” had a supernatural dream at age 6 about the End of Time and her 40 years of research into that dream has allowed her to tell the world what is about to happen in our generation.
Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh’s books Eden The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 and Antichrist The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ have, both, been Eschatology, Prophecy and Theology Best Sellers. She and her research have been featured on The History Channel and many National and International Radio Shows. “Dr. Joye” is a recording artist; writing and composing her own songs with an album entitled “Before Time Stops.” She is featured in Who’s Who in the World and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is also a MUFON consultant. “Dr. Joye” received her doctorate from Nova University, her master’s and bachelor degrees from Valdosta State College and her associate from South Georgia College. Her research interests include: Ancient History, Archeology, Astronomy, Physics, Biblical Prophecy, Paganism, Demonology, Biotechnology, the Human Pineal Gland, Nanotechnology, Cloning, Modified Food, Vaccinations, Unexplained Phenomena ( such as: UFOs, Animal Mutilations, CROP Circles, Strange Weather Patterns, Plagues, and Electromagnetic Anomalies) as well as World Religions, Theology, and the Holy Shroud of Turin.


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