The Final Card, Peace In Space & Entheogens w/ Dr. Carol Rosin >>


AIRED: 04-12-2012

Hour 1: We speak with Dr. Carol Rosin about the weaponization of space, what it means to humanity and why we must stop it. We also discuss the Outer Space Security and Development Treaty of 2012 and her efforts to have world leaders sign this document.

Hour 2: We switch the frequency a bit and discuss Carol’s experiences with Timothy Leary, Terrance McKenna and other psychedelic researchers/teachers who have delved into the inner most realms of consciousness and beyond. We also discuss her experience in fulfilling Timothy Leary’s last request, which was to have his ashes launched into outer space.


Length: 2 Hours

Bio: As the first woman executive in an aerospace company, she set up satellite educational programs for 5000 villages in India, helped orchestrate the first two-way audio/visual satellite communication systems in over 20 countries, and created the first industry-education Adopt-A-School program.

She was the spokesperson for the late Dr. Wernher von Braun, presenting his peace on earth and in space vision for local through global uses and applications of space age technology and information applied directly to solving urgent and potential challenges of human needs, the environment, and energy as humans evolve and learn from living, working, touring and traveling in space (without space-based weapons).

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