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AIRED: 10-14-2017

This was the fifth show here on Truth Frequency Radio and another Blockbuster!!! In the 1st segment this weeks Heaven and Hell review Ra talked about natural places of power on our planet called Dragon lines and how placing stone spirals or stone circles at certain places of power can open up portals and other dimensions. One of these circles is called the Dragons labyrinth and Ra encountered one of these in Long Beach C.A. in 2002. than Ra talks of the Hopi Indians and what they call YA YA ceremony or witchcraft. Also how they astral kidnap children in there sleep and how they would fly in astral form to a place among the red rocks near what is now Sedona, Arizona…how this created a dark portal to open up among the red rocks and how people and metaphysical workers are being drawn to this place . Also how they are channeling tricksters from this dark machine. Ra than mentions how the Hopi priests would use an eye from the animal kingdom to magically see in the dark and manipulate the darkness. Ra talks of how the clouds are technology ancient Dragon tech always moving and how certain people can and have evoked this ancient Dragon energy thru rituals and draconian magick to gain power and how it forms a soul sucking life force contract. Ra mentioned his reoccurring dream as a child and who the evil man was in the dream. Also after finding out it was L Ron Hubbard he than did a psychic viewing of him….wait till you hear what he saw….. Than Ra pulls on his guest for this evening who is expert remote viewer John Herlosky. They covered so many topics including how John was first a skeptic police officer with no psychic abilities what so ever and how he basically became a psychic spy. They talked about different missions John has been on including viewing the ancient Anasazi Indians and actually viewing Mars. In this show John vividly describes what its like to remote view and vividly describes the techniques used and how he got involved. Topics vary and go deep from Ingo Swann to what it felt like to actually remote view Mars, and be part of the stargate project. John’s book is called a sorcerer’s apprentice which you can find on his website below and on amazon. Don’t want to give everything in the summary so you gotta listen for yourself to get all the details of this amazing interview. well see you next week inside the Eye of Ra….


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