AIRED: 10-02-2016

Today’s guests are James Perloff, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson in a rousing conversation about the state of our State, and the tipping point that we’re facing together. We start with the surprising arrest of Michael Jay, who got stopped by police though for all practical purposes he broke no laws. In the days prior to the 2016 election, it’s not only black Americans who experience unexpected encounters with police. From there, conversation shifted to the consequence of refugee resettlement from the families of Syria’s Al Nusra fighters in creating more tensions, more possibilities for false flags, and more justifications for a deeper police state. James Perloff joins us In the second hour, talking about manipulations by Lester Holt in the Presidential debate last week. Hillary’s hand signals. Hillary’s video teleprompter. it’s a lot more than questions not asked about Bill & Hillary’s fabulous fraud in Haiti & “pay to play” schemes at the State Department. Who exactly was that Man who greeted HIllary at the start of the show, and afterwards grabbed papers off Hillary’s podium and surreptitiously passed them back to Lester Holt?? What was that about?? Oh yeah, and the Debate Commission admits Trump’s mic wasn’t working properly. In closing, we ask do the debates matter?? So many Americans recognize the media’s blatant prostitution for Hillary, have they damaged the public’s trust so badly that Hillary’s more likely to lose? We expect the sleazy mud slinging to reach new frenzy in the next weeks. The Establishment’s losing its grip on power over the people. We expect a dirty fight. But yes, my friends, we expect to win.


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Commander X talks about his incredible new book, “Dark Ops: An Anonymous Story,” which shows again how far down the rabbit hole the Deep State is willing to go. “Dark Ops” delivers an amazing front seat ride into X’s true life hack of the 2012 Presidential Elections on Election Night. There’s candor in this book...

AIRED: 07-09-2017

Violent street protests against the Globalists couldn’t wipe the pompous smirks off the faces of Angela Merkel and Macron. But “power of the people” was evidenced everywhere– especially in the sublimely successful meeting between President Trump and Russia’s Putin. Today’s guests, Michael Jay Anderson and Scott Bennett dissect the elitist camaraderie of the globalists Inside...

AIRED: 07-08-2017

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AIRED: 06-24-2017

Hysterics, mass delusions & crazy denial deluged Washington this week, as former FBI Director James Comey testified why Trump was right to fire him. What does the rest of America think?? Our guests today– Jim Fetzer, Michael Jay Anderson and Scott Bennett separate the American Heartland from the Democrat elite panting over Russia, despite repeated...

AIRED: 06-11-2017

Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Tony Gosling discuss how a wildfire of lunacy and hysterics broke free and consumed Washington & London this week. The arrest of nasty girl, NSA leaker “Reality Winner” from Savannah, Georgia smacks of Deep State MK Ultra. Election watchers know that up to this point, only the State of Georgia...

AIRED: 06-10-2017

Today’s guest is Francis Richard Conolly, discussing his second film in the work, the sequel to “JFK to 9/11: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.” portraying the rise of America’s Shadow Government. To make a contribution, go to:

AIRED: 06-04-2017