AIRED: 08-30-2014

Today a very important guest joins us on “The Covert Report,” Georgy Morozov, Deputy Chief of the international Department of Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic, in the breakaway region of Eastern Ukraine.

Morozov is directly involved with day to day military planning and decisions in the Donetsk Republic. He is officially appointed to speak on behalf of the Donetsk Republic.

Most importantly, Morozov goes on record with an absolute and categorical denial that Russia has been supplying military weapons to fighters in the breakaway region. He scoffs western media reports that Russia has launched an invasion of Eastern Ukraine, calling it “insulting” to the military success and capabilities of Donetsk fighters, who are defending their homes, lands and families. Morozov claims that all weapons obtained by rebel forces have been taken from Ukraine stockpiles and the Ukraine military itself, which he insists don’t have their heart in the fight against their fellow citizens. He describes Right Sector forces from Kiev conducting mass executions of Ukrainian soldiers to punish them for not fighting the Rebels.

Indeed, this interview annhialates US propaganda, which is relying on tales of a Russian invasion to justify a NATO intervention at a big meeting in Wales next week. NATO countries are expected to approve an immediate deployment of weapon stockpiles into Poland, with authorization to conduct a rapid Ground Invasion by thousands of NATO troops into the Peoples Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Morozov insists the people of Donetsk just want to be free.

Citing voter referendum in May– with a 96% approval rate, despite Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles pointed at voters heads–Morozov reminds us the Donetsk Republic was formed peaceably in a vote of the people, by the people, for the people, on behalf of secession. It was not created by coercion and military threats. These are people who insist on the right to be free of Kiev’s neo-fascist leadership that is pushing for European integration and European control of the resource-rich lands and industries of Eastern Ukraine. Above all, they demand the freedom to speak their Russian mother-tongue, without government intervention.

What’s clear is that Europe’s marching to a drumbeat of War– bombing factories, towns, and civil infrastructure that would compete with European domination of the rich eastern Ukraine sectors in a post-war period. Ukraine has shut down all civilian services, banks, the Post Office. Yesterday Kiev destroyed the rail station, a major hub of transit, and Kiev has cut off all pensions to senior citizens— all the while insisting that those people must be considered Ukrainian citizens, who must submit to Ukrainian authority.

So is confrontation with Russia inevitable? It doesn’t have to go that way, Morozov says.

According to Morozov, the people of Donetsk insist on independence from all sides. They have not voted to join the Russian Federation– and so far, he insists they have not asked for a Russian military intervention. Pushed for what would trigger such a request, Morozov indicates that active military fighting or an attempt at Occupation by NATO soldiers would be required as a prelude for requesting Russian support.

What he has to say torpedoes the Washington spin machine. By the conclusion of the interview listeners will understand the Grand Theater of Conquest that NATO is parading through the US and Europe. The courage of Donetsk facing such force is inspirational.

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