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AIRED: 09-08-2012


In the first hour, Nancy Wallace returns to talk about the earth changes we’ve (still) been experiencing during 2012. We go into the mainstream media’s coverage (or rather, non-coverage) of these serious events happening all around the world, and what agenda might be lurking behind it.

In the 2nd hour, Dan Johnson of PANDA joins us to talk about the NDAA. We discuss the constitutionality of a law that allows Americans to be not only locked up, but also murdered, at the whim of the executive, and discuss some of the (il)legal proceedings surrounding this heinous piece of legislation.



Hour 3: We sit back and enjoy a philosophical conversation with our old friend, George Kavassilas, whose new book, Our Universal Journey: The Big Picture, is to be released September 22nd. We discuss how to realign our egos with the heart, and how to navigate this strange, cosmic matrix.



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