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AIRED: 06-03-2018

33rd degree Freemason and Grand Master, Mr LEO ZAGAMI, joins CHRIS EVERARD live from ROME for a report about how the entire Italian parliament has been taken over by the TRUTH MOVEMENT – yes, today they take full control of the Parliament in ITALY. It’s PROOF that campaigning, activism & SHARING POSTS awakens MILLIONS of PEOPLE. Their policies were announced on national TV:
– AUSTERITY POLICIES are a scam and will be scrapped
– 500,000 Muslims told to pack their bags and return back home, no more muslims to be allowed into Italy from war zones and arrests will be made if they are engaged in jihadism
– FREE INTERNET for every home
– A minimum monthly income for everyone of $1,000 US dollars per month
– Taxes slashed to a flat 15%
– 20% highest tax rate if you earn 80,000 dollars per year
– DEBT FORGIVENESS on old interest loans made by former corrupt governments
– ARRESTS and fines for MAFIA-controlled toxic waste dumping
– THE TOTAL ANNHILATION of all so called ‘AUSTERITY’ policies and DICTATS from Brussels


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