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AIRED: 05-13-2018

NHS MURDERS THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS and hushes it up! 19,000 UNEXPECTED DEATHS in the NHS were NOT reported in the government statistics – BITCOIN, ETHERUEM and EOS NEWS – Plus advice on how to make TAX FREE EARNINGS with an investment of just $50 dollars – UNUSUAL BRILLIANT MOVIES – We review and recommend the movies which Hollywood would rather you knew NOTHING ABOUT – ALSO – HOLLYWOOD BUSINESS GOES BUST – Hardly a single movie in 2017 made a profit – though it looks as if the CIA are co-funding ‘Movies with a message’! And who OWNS the WEINSTEIN MOVIES now that the company has folded in the MeToo scandal? INTERDIMENSIONAL id3D CAMERAS GIVE US UNIQUE INSIDE-VIEWS of ancient artefacts from Egypt and Sumeria – yes new cameras allow us to LOOK INSIDE ancient artefacts!
VENEZUELA – the legacy of CHAVEZ – is MADURO a good guy or a MOLE designed to destroy anything good which Chavez achieved – and how come the interest rates in Latin America are 32%??? CATALONIA INDEPENDENCE – the latest news from a nation of 7 million people under brutal gestapo rule.


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AS THIS SHOW WENT LIVE a second poison gas incident took place in Salisbury, Wiltshire in England – roads were closed off, four ambulances were called to the Prezzi Italian restaurant and South-West ambulance team confirmed that they had scrambled a hazardous chemical specialist unit. In this fast-action show we discuss the magical inspiration for...

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AIRED: 09-09-2018

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AIRED: 08-19-2018

BARRY DUNFORD is the author of the HOLY LAND OF SCOTLAND and he discusses the mysterious landing of a plane in Scotland in 1941 in which Rudolf Hess attempted to negotiate peace with the Duke of Hamilton and Duke of Kent. Chris Everard also discusses the love affair between Hitlr and Hess and their common...

AIRED: 08-05-2018

In this show, Chris examines the strange phenomenon of AURAS and how people’s illnesses can be diagnosed according to the colour of their aura. Chris is joined by Scott Bourne, Scottie Lopex, Andy Eversole and paranromal researcher and all-round rennaissance man Rodney Scarth for a fast moving show in which we investigate the Tibetan Book...

AIRED: 07-29-2018

CHRIS EVERARD hosts a debate with questions from the audience for DAVE MURPHY – you can listen and decide whether the answers are based on FACTS and whether the ‘facts’ are actually CORRECT – many claims are made by Dave – which are examined live on air. Just because NASA lied about the Moon Landings...

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