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AIRED: 05-13-2018

NHS MURDERS THOUSANDS OF PATIENTS and hushes it up! 19,000 UNEXPECTED DEATHS in the NHS were NOT reported in the government statistics – BITCOIN, ETHERUEM and EOS NEWS – Plus advice on how to make TAX FREE EARNINGS with an investment of just $50 dollars – UNUSUAL BRILLIANT MOVIES – We review and recommend the movies which Hollywood would rather you knew NOTHING ABOUT – ALSO – HOLLYWOOD BUSINESS GOES BUST – Hardly a single movie in 2017 made a profit – though it looks as if the CIA are co-funding ‘Movies with a message’! And who OWNS the WEINSTEIN MOVIES now that the company has folded in the MeToo scandal? INTERDIMENSIONAL id3D CAMERAS GIVE US UNIQUE INSIDE-VIEWS of ancient artefacts from Egypt and Sumeria – yes new cameras allow us to LOOK INSIDE ancient artefacts!
VENEZUELA – the legacy of CHAVEZ – is MADURO a good guy or a MOLE designed to destroy anything good which Chavez achieved – and how come the interest rates in Latin America are 32%??? CATALONIA INDEPENDENCE – the latest news from a nation of 7 million people under brutal gestapo rule.



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Was the Santa Fe Shooter hypnotised? How come a White House aid to Obama has found $500m from nowhere and has offered to buy the Weinstein Comapny? Why did Obama’s daughter work for Harvey Weinstein? We examine the under-belly of occult hollywood personalities and cults with PETER HYOGUCHI which is a Los Angeles based director...

AIRED: 05-20-2018

LIVE BROADCAST with Chris Everard – On Today’s show we expose how IRAN’s President is an MI6 shill who lived in Scotland – just like Ayatholla Khomeni’s father lived in Cornwall and worked for British Shell Oil, so too the present President is a ‘fundamentalist faker’ who was recruited by MI6 mosque head-hunters in Glasgow...

AIRED: 05-06-2018

CHRIS EVERARD exposes how 16,500 baby hearts and human baby brains have been stored illegally at Alder Hey hospital, Ormond Street Hospital and other hospitals around Britain BUT NOT A SINGLE ARREST – this show investigates Baby Alfie Evans and Baby Charlie Gard who were judicially murdered by COURT ORDERS which contravene the United Nations...

AIRED: 04-29-2018

CHRIS EVERARD, ROD SCARTH and DUNCAN CAMPBELL investigate the SECRET SCIENCE OF THE PHARAOHS – The Oxford Electric Bell or Clarendon Dry Pile is an experimental electric bell that was set up in 1840 and which has run continuously ever since. The Bell has produced approximately 10 billion rings since 1840 and holds the Guinness...

AIRED: 04-22-2018

MOSCOW has announced that “war and extreme chaos” would result if the United Kingdom bombs Syria again – in this action-packed broadcast, CHRIS EVERARD discusses with SCOTT LOPEZ the mysterious GENIE ENERGY deals involving Ruper Murdoch and Dick Cheney and how is it that Downing Street has millions of dollars available for bombing Syria but...

AIRED: 04-15-2018

The Broad Haven School UFO Incident of 1977 is one of many that would bring the eyes of UFO researchers, and indeed the eyes of the Ministry of Defence, bearing down on villages in Wales. Fourteen children made reports of seeing a UFO land in broad daylight in a field across from their school. Six...

AIRED: 04-08-2018